The Latin Jazztet


The LJO is a group which focuses on all the musical forms of the Afro-Carribean genre. It features the fiery sound of three percussionists which anchor the swing and vitality of the sound.  The band recently performed for the Detroit Jazz Festival and in New York as finalists at the Hennessy Jazz Search where they placed second nationally. They are seen regularly on the Chicago music scene at Andy's, The Green Dolphin, Joe's Be-Bop Cafe, Pete Miller's and at corporate and college events across the Midwest.

Arrangements of numbers by Eddie Palmieri, Poncho Sanchez, Tito Puente as well as works of jazz giants such as Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck and Clifford Brown are all part of the repertoire.  The originals from Valdes highlight the interplay of the sections of percussion, brass and harmony, and also the attributes of the African, European, and American musics which have merged to create the style. With influences from Machito to Miles to Mozart the band delivers a fiery blend of excitement and artistry for listener and dancer alike.