Welcome to Valdes Music Productions. We offer unparalleled creativity, versatility, and excellence. Our 40+ years of experience brings Latin Dance, Mariachi, Contemporary Dance & Pop,  Latin Jazz, Mainstream Jazz, Classical, and more, to your party, with artistic excellence and authenticity.

Director José Valdes has added that special touch to countless events, celebrations, and festivals. We have added excitement, shared the joy of music, and been an integral part of the milestones of thousands of people.



We excel by providing authentic live music in a broad range of styles to make your event exciting and unique. From sizzling Latin music to cool jazz, contemporary dance music to Caribbean calypso, piano jazz to classical sounds, VMP has it all. Where other bands and orchestras fall short in projecting a quality sound and presentation, VMP excels. By starting with the most talented and experienced artists, and using the latest sound tech, each performance is a winner. 

Director José Valdes draws on 40+ years’ experience in the world of music performance. He personally leads and directs the group for your event, and/or handles all the personal interaction with the client. He also provides expertise as composer and arranger for all the musical material. After thousands of parties, his advice on music selection and detail planning is invaluable. We also offer master of ceremonies services, bi-lingual Spanish, and English.



Punctuality, presentation, and performance, these are the cornerstones of our service mentality at VMP. Creativity, dedication, and experience, these are the strengths of our entertainment concept. We make each event unique, first by catering to the special needs of the client, whether private, corporate, or public. Next, we analyze and offer various music options designed to make the event as special as our clients

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Here are the musical artists and talent which are available with Valdes Music Productions (VMP). Among these are The International Orchestra, The Mambo All-Stars, The VMP Orchestra, Caribbean Steel, The Latin Jazztet, Jazz Facets, Trio Latino, José Valdes Solo Pianist, and other artists.